Emotions cause a diversity of images.

Drawing has always been a part in my life. Since childhood I was drawing and being a teenager paint was a playmate. I decided to follow an education to become an illustrator from which II graduated.

Finally I worked up the nerve to join the "Academie voor Schone Kunsten" at Eeklo, Belgium. 5 Years later, graduation was concluded with honorable remark.

Oilpaint gives me the a way to strike fast and thick,  to put ideas powerfull on the canvas. Some other time a gentle touch can be enough to create satisfaction. Charcoal, ink, black or in colour, every item has its own expression. What matters to me most is, wha t suites me best in the circumstances. Landscapes of endless planes. Aminals, dominant so their personality presents itself to you. Tights strokes, gentle curves, watercolours fading, they surprised me when they occured. I hope you will feel the same.